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Traffic Management & Optimization

Deep Packet Inspection and Policy Enforcement (DPI/PCEF)

DPI is an advanced way to examine and manage network traffic. It locates, identifies, classifies, reroutes or blocks packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering cannot detect. This gives telecoms and other communications service providers a smarter way to retain highly secure networks, reduce network Opex, increase revenue, and improve quality of experience for customers and subscribers. To discover more about how DPI can serve your organization and find, we are here to help.

Relying on one of the most powerful and proven OEM DPI engines “ie. QOSMOS IXENGINE” Expandium is proposing an optimized and a true virtualized SW appliance which is the result of a 5 years huge R&D investment. The solution is the result of a strategic technology company acquisition (Vedicis) after a strong partnership period.

The proposed solution is a mature solution which is the result of combining the QOSMOS IXENGINE and a in-house/proprietary development to virtualize (NFV/SDN) and improve the overall performance and flexibility of the solution.

On top of the DPI engine, Expandium is proposing a high capability BIG DATA Streaming engine.

Internet Traffic Management and Optimization

Internet traffic continues to grow and the spread of mobile devices such as smart phone, tablet, etc. increases mobile traffic rapidly and that an increasing amount of this traffic is being driven by video. High speed wireless access network such as LTE is changing mobile caching environment as high speed multimedia caching such as video watching on web browser and expand mobile caching service(e.g. online shopping, social network, e-learning, online game, online booksellers, cloud computing) which are available over existing fixed network. Nowadays, fixed network-based devices such as notebook computer are used mobile network through tethering or USB modem as wireless network becomes faster.

Service providers face continuous traffic growth due to due to the development of the access networks 3G/4G/5G FTTH, yet transmission capacity is restricted. They must look at tactical solutions to increase capacity while also (a) maintaining performance KPI’s and (b) keeping a tight rein on operating and capital expenditure.

Working with ARA Technologies and its innovative market-leading partners, network mobile application developers can benefit from:

·         Significantly reduce operating expenses for RAN back hauling and Voice Trunks.

·         Expand their services for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

·         Take advantage of our caching solutions for web acceleration and bandwidth optimization.

·         Ensure you seek out robust industry-leading products and services which can readily adapt as your organization changes or grows.