Mobile Network Monitoring

Mobile network data mining & performance monitoring

Data mining can help with decision-making, improving network performance, discovering more about customers and subscribers, detecting malicious behaviors, marketing promotions and more.

We propose a solution including different features like:

  • Passive probe sub-system to provide Call Data Records (CDRs) from raw network traffic and summarizing all subscriber activities

  • Data collection components to extract records generated by network elements of probes connected on physical network links

  • Real-time monitoring of mobile traffic, national and international based of customizable KPIs

  • Reporting capabilities to provide periodic network status based on defined KPIs

  • Interactive dashboarding to allow fast and easy analysis of detected issues and leading to root cause

  • A powerful analytics platform based on latest big data technologies enabling implementation of powerful fraud detection algorithm

This platform is scalable and evolutive, allowing customers to extend it for all needs that may be identified in the future. These evolutions may be sharp traffic increase, new operators, monitoring, new services like mobile payments or new network technologies.


Visibility across your entire network and service ecosystem, for the clarity and understanding you need to consistently attain optimum performance and QoE, from end-to-end.


  • Scalability to handle billions of calls

A customer centric solution able to analyze and store data from all subscribers, 24/7 across the entire network, close to real-time.


  • Geolocation technology

Our team has been researching and pioneering mass scale geolocation methodologies that are not only fit for purpose for the engineering departments worldwide but also offer a level of precision and coverage that are unmatched by our competition.


  • Reference customers for multi-vendor and technology

The system is already working on GSM, UMTS and LTE, across Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, ZTE and ALU in over 75 deployments in operators around the globe, including many of the Tier 1 operators.


  • High Performance

The solution allows rapid processing of real-time data to provide a near-real time view of what is occurring in the network. 

  • Flexible data analysis

Great flexibility to explore the data using a powerful user interface to get exactly to the required information, in the required form.

  • Innovative Capability to Drive Return on Investment

Innovative technology & functionality such as automatic Problem Area Identification, Automatic inter & intra Neighbor Planning, and the GEO optimize which provides automated recommendations of power & tilt changes.

  • Simplicity of deployment

This solution is designed to deploy quickly and easily into complex IT environments common to modern mobile operators.

  • Simplified Data Feeds

We have developed a low complexity approach to data feeds from external systems. This is important in order to ensure performance, scalability and a controlled cost of ownership.

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