Mobile Network Solutions

Radio System

Our Radio Access portfolio offers you a modular approach from Hardware, software, and related services to build a scalable radio access networks, that deliver the extreme capacity, massive connectivity and ultra-low latency required for 5G services. Our Radio System is designed to fit all site types and traffic scenarios, that provides future service continuity with 5G networks.

Core Network

Our core network technologies provide the flexibility to evolve your core network for 5G, while supporting current and new services with best in class TCO and the responsiveness you need to launch new next-generation services. We can help you take advantage of the latest developments to plan for a smooth introduction of 5G Core and deploy leading network slicing and cloud native core network solutions.


Network Security

Our technologies and expertise can help Service Providers protect their network and services, and drive monetization of new services, adding incremental revenue streams.

We leverage our work in security standards to design solutions that fully address the security requirements of complex networks. Our security portfolio helps SPs keep networks, communications, and devices safe from cyber threats.

It helps combine signaling and media security, threat intelligence, efficient alarm correlation, to support a preventive and proactive security strategy that protects the SP’s high-value assets and services.

Transport (Microwave, Router, etc.)

Our mobile transport solution is a combination of microwave, IP router and integrated optical solutions to have a comprehensive, capable and programmable transport solution.


IP Network (Backhaul)

Our IP Networks portfolio is a proven architecture that delivers mobile 3G, 4G, 5G, It provides improved network timing, quality-of-service, resiliency, and security. We can help you embrace cloud, 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities by enabling you to build more scalable, secure, and adaptive networks.


Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

For large in-building, hospital, school campus, stadium mobile service coverage, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) uses multiple and various antenna configuration schemes to extend radio service signal coverage to structures inside and out, where RF signal is unable to reach and traffic density is irregular. We offer both an In-Building DAS solution covering small buildings and a high-powered Outdoor solution covering high-rise buildings or large complexes.

Indoor DAS Features

  • Low Power Consumption (less than 10W power)

  • Slim Size, Low Cost, High efficiency

  • Supports multiple operators and frequency bands

  • Ring Structure chain to maintain low-level RU service when chain is broken

  • Multi-Sector Service Support

  • Supports up to 64 RUs (using 3 MU Cascade)

Outdoor DAS Features

  • High Powered (over 10W output)

  • High Power Amplifier Technology

  • Performs automatic diagnosis of RF performance without DU connectivity

  • Self-Install function for convenient installation

  • Supports multiple operators and frequency bands

  • Ring Structure chain to maintain low-level RU service when chain is broken

  • Multi-Sector Service Support

  • Power Supply Redundancy

Outdoor Extender

For outdoor / public safety mobile service coverage, the Outdoor ICS repeater has a powerful digital processor that extends the isolation of the I/O antennas 10 times the amount of an Indoor repeater.The Outdoor ICS repeater provides a gain of 20dB or more and a power output of 20W to provide wide outdoor coverage. The solid enclosure of the Outdoor repeater provides waterproof performance, with a rating above IP65.

The outdoor ICS repeater automatically analyzes the propagation environment, compensates for lack of isolation of the antenna and adjusts the system into the optimum settings in real time. Operators can also monitor the status information even in real time. CS’ Outdoor ICS repeaters offers a very wide cancellation window performance, providing robust performance even in extreme outdoor fading environments. It provides optimal service quality with minimal installation. 

Indoor Extender

For small-sized in-building/office, underground parking lot/small shop mobile service coverage, The Digital RF Indoor Repeater provides top-tier mobile phone and lightning speed data services in hard-to-reach coverage areas inside buildings where signals from the base station do not extend to.

Home Extender

For home / office mobile service coverage, our home repeater is designed to support any of frequency band and any of wireless technology from 2G to recent 5G. To reflect diverse global market requirement into the product, our Home repeater is able to adopt various feature such as band selectable, interference cancellation by digital signal processing etc in addition to a tidy product appearance.

The SOHO ICS repeater features a compact size and low power consumption to provide robust performance for expanded indoor coverage. It uses digital processing technology to expand the isolation of the built-in I/O antennas.

The built-in antennas allow for a Plug & Play function that generously expands indoor signal coverage when the repeater is stationed at or near a window. No installation is necessary, just plug in the power supply. The SOHO ICS repeater automatically analyzes the propagation environment and adjusts the system into the optimum settings in real time. An LED window displays the status of the repeater. Boasting a robust performance, compact size and very low power consumption, CS’s SOHO ICS repeater supports FDD or TDD, and Single Band or Dual Band.

Carrier-Grade Media Gateways & SBC’s

A carrier-grade media gateway connects different types of networks. Hardware or software converts media streams between different telecommunication technologies.

A Session Border Controller (or SBC) secures VoIP infrastructures and controls how calls start, run and end. Solutions can help carriers, operators, mobile virtual network operators and enablers, public agencies and organizations, call centers, developers, and transcoding and signaling companies. We can help you work through the maze of options (including media and VoIP media gateways, transcoding gateways, signaling gateways, SBC’s, hybrid SBC gateways) and find the right solution for you.

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